Squirrels have strong teeth that are constantly growing.  They need to gnaw on hard surfaces to keep them sharp, and to stop them from growing too large. Squirrel activity can be seen throughout the year. Squirrels will prepare for winter during the Fall season. Although you see more squirrel activity in Summer and Fall, they can enter your home and/or business at any point, throughout the year.

Squirrel issues may be identified when seeing large holes chewed through your home, nuts in your attic/crawlspace, and hearing noises in your walls or attic. Most squirrel activity will be seen on the higher portions of your home/business. For example; the roof or soffit area.

Flying squirrels are active usually after sunset, and right before sunrise. They can glide a distance of more than 300 feet. Gray Squirrels typically enter from the roof and cause more damage. Red squirrels can enter your home by roof, soffit area and foundation.

There are several different methods towards elimination, please contact Nuisance No More for squirrel removal.

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