Squirrel Removal Services in Buffalo, NY

With their constantly growing teeth, squirrels require hard surfaces to gnaw on to keep their teeth sharp and prevent overgrowth. While squirrels are active year-round, preparing for winter during the Fall, their presence in your home or business can occur anytime, leading to potential damage and nuisances.

Signs of Squirrel Infestation

Identifying a squirrel infestation is crucial for timely removal. Look out for giant holes chewed through your property, the unexpected discovery of nuts in your attic or crawlspace, and peculiar noises within your walls or attic, especially in higher areas like the roof or soffit.

Our Squirrel Removal Process

At Nuisance No More, we offer a variety of humane and effective squirrel removal methods tailored to your specific situation. From flying squirrels that glide over 300 feet to red and gray squirrels known for their agility and potential for damage, our experts are equipped to handle them all.

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Preventive Measures Against Squirrels

Preventing squirrels from invading your space is critical. We provide expert advice and services to secure your home from future squirrel intrusions, ensuring your peace of mind.