Bat Control & Removal in Buffalo, NY

Bats are nature's insect control and love mosquitoes. Bats are nocturnal, meaning they’re awake from dusk to dawn. Bats like warmer temperatures. During the winter months, they will hibernate in your home or business. Signs of bat activity would include, seeing bats fly near your home, hearing noises in the wall/attic during warmer temperatures, or finding a bat inside your home.

Protocol for Encountering Bats 

IF YOU EVER COME IN CONTACT WITH A BAT, try to capture the bat or trap it in a room so the exterminator can remove the bat from your home. If you got bit by a bat or touched a bat, the bat will need to be tested for rabies at your local health department. Because of these serious potential health issues, it is always best to trust a professional for your bat control & removal services. 

Hiring A Bat Removal Expert in Buffalo, NY

If you believe you have an issue with bats, call Nuisance No More for a free inspection and estimate at 716-366-3087 or 716-770-6070. Our expert bat control team will be happy to help you remove this troublesome pest from your Buffalo home. 


Buffalo, NY Bat Control & Removal

Bat Facts

  • Bats can fit into a gap that is 1/4 inch or larger.
  • Droppings will accumulate near entry/exit points, and where they sleep.
  • Bats can carry diseases such as rabies.
  • Bats can also carry bat bugs which are very similar to bed bugs.
  • Over time their feces and urine can degrade structural materials.