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Ants have been around for millions of years, and they're highly organized creatures capable of making nests inside and outside your home. As the weather warms in spring, you may notice increased ant activity. Nests can be made in trees, shrubs, mulch, your home's interior, and even under cement slabs. Ants can enter your home through various means, such as tree branches, power lines, or walking up the foundation. Once a nest is established in your home, you may see a few ants to hundreds. If you don't adequately address the issue from the exterior or interior, it can cause damage to your home and create a more significant problem.

Ants can travel up to 400 feet from their nest to find food. If you find a trail of ants in or around your home, try to follow the path to locate the nest to eliminate the problem at the source. The most reliable way to ensure that your ant infestation is treated correctly is to call Nuisance No More for fast, effective, and safe ant control and removal services in Buffalo, NY.

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About Our Ant Removal & Control Services

We can exterminate various ant species that may invade your home. There are distinct differences between different kinds of ants that may warrant different types of ant removal methods. Rest assured that no matter the size or scope of your ant infestation, the experts at Nuisance No More are standing by with the region's most effective ant control and removal services, ready to help you take back your Buffalo home.


Carpenter Ant Facts

Nuisance No More Carpenter Ant Control & Removal in Buffalo, NY


  • Carpenter Ants like high moisture and rotting, dead wood.
  • They leave sawdust or wood shavings as evidence.
  • They're attracted to proteins but can go after sugars.
  • Ants infest wood buildings, posts, beams, pillars, rafters, insulation, and even siding.
  • Carpenter Ants can be considered giant black ants and can develop wings.
  • Many homeowners realize they have an issue when flying black ants come out of the walls or ceilings. If this occurs in your home, it's time to call an ant removal and control professional.
  • During the cold weather months, it is possible to find ants in your home. This often means the nest is located inside the house and may become active when turning on the heat.

Pavement Ant Facts

Nuisance No More Pavement Ant Control & Removal in Buffalo, NY


  • Pavement ants, or sugar ants, are dark brown to blackish. They are also tiny, about 1/8" on average. 
  • They can create small dirt mounds as evidence, for example, between cracks in the concrete in your driveway or cement walking path around your house.
  • They are attracted to sweets but also like proteins and have been known to eat everything from fruit and seeds to meat and even other insects.
  • They usually enter the home searching for food and water.
  • The bathroom and kitchen are common areas for these ants to be found inside your home. As they can contaminate food, it's time to call an ant control and removal professional if you have this type of ant in your kitchen. 

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