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The word rodent is a general term that includes chipmunks, mice, moles, rats, and voles. Each type of rodent has a different technique for proper elimination. They can chew through walls, bagged food, and wood to keep their teeth sharp, which often causes damage to the wires, insulation, and structure of a home or business. An exclusion may be necessary to prevent rodents from entering a home or business.

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At Nuisance No More, we can remove any rodent you're struggling to keep off your property. From mice to moles and everything in between, we're here to help with top-rated rodent removal and control services in the Buffalo area. 


Buffalo, NY Rodent Removal

These two species of rodents will use similar entry points into your property. Both species can climb, chew and crawl into your property. There are several ways to identify a rodent issue, such as finding droppings, hearing noises in the wall, scratching sounds in the attic, and chewing marks around baseboards or openings to create larger entry points. The mouse droppings are small and often compared in shape/color to a chocolate sprinkle. Rat droppings are larger and similar in shape and may have pointed or blunt ends. For both species, newer droppings will appear darker and shinier, while old droppings will look drier and paler.


Rodent Control in Buffalo, NY

Moles love being underground. They have adapted their bodies for their underground lifestyle. Moles have large paws, which can cause severe damage to your lawn by digging extensive tunnels throughout your yard. A mole issue can be identified by large dirt mounds and raised tunnels in your lawn.


Rodent Removal in Buffalo, NY

Voles can be identified by tunneling on your lawn's surface between ground level and the grass. They usually do not tunnel into the ground unless an entry point is already established.


Buffalo, NY  Rodent Control & Removal

The average chipmunk can live up to 3 years. They live in tunnels (burrows), hollowed-out trees, logs/bushes, and your home. Female chipmunks will reproduce up to 2 times a year with an average litter of 2-8 young. They will give birth in late Spring and Fall.

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