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Fleas are tiny, black jumping insects. Fleas can jump 150 times their height. Fleas are found mainly on household pets such as cats or dogs. The household pet may not be the only source. If you encounter a flea problem and have no pets, the source could also be a rodent infestation.

Preparing For Flea Extermination

Your pets should be treated before a flea exterminator treats your property. Fleas suck the blood of their host, for example, a cat or dog. Fleas may also bite your ankles and legs. The feces from the fleas will appear on the pet as a tiny black speck that you will see with a flea comb. If the wastes become wet, you will notice red-like blood spots. It is common to see red-like blood spots around your sink or bathtub.

Vacuuming is a necessary step to eliminating fleas. Vacuuming stimulates the eggs and adults from the vibration and noise of the vacuum. For the best results, professional treatment is recommended.

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