Fredonia, NY Bat Control & Removal

Bats serve as nature's own form of pest control by eating mosquitoes. Bats are active from dusk to dawn, since they are nocturnal animals, and prefer warmer temperatures. The winter months in Fredonia, NY can be cold, so it's possible to encounter bats hibernating within your home or business. Indicators of bat activity include the presence of bats outside or inside your home or business, or hearing scratching or squeaking coming from your walls or ceiling. The professionals at Nuisance No More Pest Control are here to help!

Protocol for Encountering bats

If you ever encounter a bat, it's best to trap it or keep it in a small room until a pest control expert can remove it. Your local health authorities will want to test the bat for rabies if it bit you or you came into contact with it. Due to the potential for serious health consequences, you should always trust the Pest Control experts at Nuisance No More for bat control and removal.

Bat Facts

  • Bats can get through any opening as small as a dime.
  • You will notice bat droppings at entry points, exit points, and where they sleep.
  • Bats are known to carry rabies and other diseases.
  • Bats can carry a bug quite similar to the bed bug; these insects are called bat bugs.
  • Their feces and urine over time potentially can damage structural materials.

Fredonia, NY Bat Control & Removal

Hiring a Bat Removal Expert in Fredonia, NY

If you suspect you have a problem with bats, Nuisance No More offers free bat inspections and estimates - just give us a call at 716-366-3087 or 716-770-6070. Our bat control and removal professionals in Fredonia are ready and happy to help!