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Bats & Hornets

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Nuisance No More is a trusted pest and rodent control company that has been protecting Dunkirk, NY's homes and businesses for over 10 years. Our professional exterminators have seen it all when it comes to commercial and residential pest infestations, so you can be assured we are able to tackle every type of pest situation out there.
Our professionalism and expertise is reflected through our work. We offer all of our valued clients safe, effective, and affordable pest and rodent control services in Dunkirk.


Did you know that it is dangerous to have bats in your home? Even if they are confined to the attic, they are a health risk. They urinate and defecate anywhere they roost, which causes staining and odor problems that are difficult to remove. They are also associated with many diseases, which are dangerous to humans, including histoplasmosis and rabies. Histoplasmosis is a lung disease caused by the spores of fungus, which grow on their droppings or guano.
It is true that bats are beneficial because they eat pesky insects, such as mosquitoes. However, if they find a way into your home, they can become dangerous and destructive pests. Bats are a protected species and a trained professional must perform removal. Allow Nuisance No More to combat your bat problems.

Bat removal comes with a 5 year guarantee from last date of service


Do you have a hornet's nest in or around your home or office? Here at Nuisance No More, we specialize in hornet removal and extermination. We understand that hornets are an important component to the ecosystem and we prefer to exterminate hornets and remove hives if possible. We are licensed, insured, and prepared to remove hornets from your property. If you would like to request a free estimate on our hornet exterminator services, or on any of our pest and rodent control services please contact us today.
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Ongoing training

At Nuisance No More, we believe that you never stop learning. To keep current with the latest in pest and rodent control technology, we provide all of our staff with ongoing training courses. This ensures we remain the leading pest control company in Dunkirk. If you have a problem with pest infestation, contact Nuisance No More to keep your family safe.
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Friends of the community

Our pest and rodent control experts in Dunkirk play an important role in local communities. We strive to maintain a safe and clean environment for businesses and households alike. We are proud of our relationships with all of our valued clients and have become a familiar face in many local neighborhoods.

Call our friendly staff today for more information. You can trust our experts to rid your home or business of unwanted pests!
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